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One of the best ways of generating interest and grabbing attention of your target audience is through clicks. Once you start getting hits or web impressions, the placement and quality of your PPC ads will have an impact on your click through rates, and ultimately on the outcome of your campaign.
Budget Friendly
PPC advertising allows you to control your budget, as you only pay for traffic that land on your website after clicking on your ad. Because of this, you are able to measure the effectiveness of your PPC campaign with the help of analytics.
Customizable for Specific Target Markets
PPC campaigns are customizable and can be tailored for each segment of your target market to attract the right people to your products and services. The benefit of PPC advertising is that it offers a higher chance of getting qualified leads, providing you a better opportunity to effectively and efficiently engage new customers.
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Our PPC Management Process

PPC Strategy
We design a tailored PPC campaign that is suitable for your business. We work closely with you to understand your business and target market, and evaluate your competition’s strategy for developing a campaign that delivers the results you desire.
We conduct a thorough keyword research and pick out the most suitable keywords for your campaign. We use the latest tools and techniques to ensure your PPC advertisements cover the complete search landscape, while avoiding keywords that are irrelevant to your business.
Ad Copywriting
Based on your industry and suitable keywords, we develop a creative, attention grabbing content for your PPC advertisements to compel viewers to click and land on your website. We continuously test the efficacy of your campaign and make sure that you are getting the targeted visitors at the lowest Cost Per Click (CPC) possible.
We design and execute a well-rounded PPC strategy that provides exposure to your products and services, while ensuring that you are getting the results from ads that you have paid for.
PPC Optimization
We optimize your PPC ads continuously to make it more effective based on the data from analytics that allows us to press the performance boundaries further.
Continual Support
Even after we have successfully executed your PPC campaign, we provide ongoing to support to our clients by analyzing their brand performance and suggesting PPC and other marketing solutions.


BlueHat has a team of Google AdWords certified experts and social media and Bing ads specialists that extensive experience and are capable of optimizing performance of your PPC campaign. We opt for a hands-on approach in managing and monitoring your PPC account and evaluate it regularly for further improvement. We strive to achieve higher conversion rates that extend your bottom line.

Google AdWords
Our certified PPC managers are capable of designing effective PPC advertising solutions using keywords that have been selected through Google AdWords, allowing your ads to be viewed by the right people for maximum effectiveness.
Bing Advertising
While Bing accounts for a relatively smaller market share, certain market segments prefer using Bing over Google. Our team evaluates your business, determines whether Bing advertising is right for you, and creates a comprehensive PPC solution.
Our remarketing services focus on campaign development and management. Our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge allow us to provide the maximum dollar value for all PPC and other marketing campaigns.
PPC Audits
Our team conducts PPC audits, and provides insights into whether they should switch PPC services providers or handle the job themselves. We simply provide you with a solution that is the most beneficial for your business.